Who We Are

_DSC0274ret resizedKathy Stewart-Bronson has been a trendsetter in mind-body fitness for over 21 years.  She has incorporated the principles and techniques in weight training, aerobics, and pilates,
integrating them with those or martial arts and yoga to create a safe, effective and complete workout for all age groups and fitness levels.

She continues her growth in the field as an Advanced Health and Fitness Specialist certified by the American Council on Exercise and a Golf fitness professional certified by Titleist.

Kathy has had experience teaching group classes, as well as personal training for people with special needs and/or training, specializing in post rehab.

Jennifer Beeler has a background in physical therapy which makes her perfect for what we offer at Ultimate Fitness.  She believes you don’t  have to settle for less strength, less range of motion after surgery, injury, or just posture compensations.

She is a NASM certified personal trainer, as well as certifications in TRX, Check Institute and nutrition counseling.She enjoys hiking, camping, skiing and any day at the ocean with her three kids.

Sara Sherman is joining Ultimate Fitness as a massage therapist. She discovered massage therapy during a difficult pregnancy and found that it alone provided pain relief. Fascinated by anatomy and the healing power of touch, she completed her education at Lane Community College’s Massage Therapy Program. She focuses on deep tissue, myofascial work, trigger points, and most importantly, client communication and education. She enjoys running, hiking, reading, cooking, and spending time outdoors with her two children.