Fuse Fit Classes

Each workout is a balance of endurance and strength building by utilizing high repetition resistance techniques for all the muscles of the body.  Combining the principals and techniques from martial arts, yoga, aerobics and weight training; focusing on involving as many muscles as possible at the same time improving cardiovascular fitness. Through the execution of each exercise and exercise sequence, individually controlled intensity is created.  Success is achieved through mentally focusing on the movement and breath and developing a rhythm with them. A sense of well being is achieved.

Fuse Fit is a unique workout system that allows the body to exercise while the mind engages in the focus of movement.  This meshing of mind and body increases energy within the body and brings to life a spirit of self-awareness, esteem and inner peace.

Fuse Fit is a workout that uses light weights, 

“It is the best workout in the world”

“I have never been bored”

“The most unique and complete workout program ever!”

Class Price List

Drop In $15  
5 Class Punch Card $60 for Clients $70 for Non Clients
10 Classes $100 for Clients $120 for Non Clients
20 Classes $175 for Clients $225 for Non Clients

Classes are Monday and Wednesday from 5:30-6:30